Why should you do a UI UX Design course in Pune is a premier UI/UX design institute in Pune. Our UX Jumpstarter Course is an intensive 3 months program where you will get thorough learning of the 6D UX design process. The UI/UX classes in Pune are light on theory and heavy on practice enabling individuals to understand UX design from concept to delivery. Our centers, located in Baner and Kharadi, are quite accessible from the extreme ends of the city. Post lockdown, we have converted our learning discourse virtually, giving us an edge as the premier UI/UX design institute in Pune, allowing our learners to stay at home and continue their learning. Key highlights of why you should invest in our UX Jumpstarter course – • Learning the process of UX Design from scratch. • Getting hands-on training from industry practitioners & mentors. • A deep understanding of the design framework. • Performance-driven and valuable learning, which enables students to be job-ready. • A project led training to build industry experience. • Leveling up your resume and portfolio.

UI UX Design Classes in Pune It is a great time to invest in learning and pursue a career in UI/UX design. Here are a few points why you should invest in UI/UX design classes in Pune with

Growth and opportunities With the ever-expanding market and need for products and services giving rise to the demand for experienced and fresh out of college UI/UX designers, there are a bunch of opportunities knocking on the door. Market demand As per a recent online study, UI/UX for any organization holds the potential to boost conversion rates as high as 400% that is the annual revenue of INR 1 spent on UI/UX activities can add up to INR 2 – 400 for any organization. UI UX Design Training in PuneEmergence of design-centricity The increasing demand, or rather a trend for UI/UX design, has sprouted many design-based organizations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Uber, Airbnb, etc. that focus on enhancing user experiences. A study conducted in 2014 stated, ‘Over the last ten years, design-led companies have maintained a significant stock market advantage, outperforming by an extraordinary 228% from the

competitors.’UI/UX design is emerging as the most-rewarding field Most emerging companies of the world across industries such as tech, fintech, logistics, IT/ITES services and more are opening their doors to UI/UX designers in their organization. As per an online report, the average entry-level salary for UI/UX designers in India can go as high as around ₹6.9 LPA, implying that for experienced individuals, it only goes up to ₹12.85 LPA or more. It also mentioned that the average salary for a UI/UX designer in Pune is approx. ₹5.02 LPA and it only goes up to approx. ₹9.5 LPA or more.Scope of innovation and creativity UI/UX design Course in pune is a very happening career path as you get to dive into the minds of users and empathize with them to deliver something out-of-the-box, then UI/UX designing is an ideal career option for you.

UI UX Design Training in Pune

Deliver wow experiences on the digital platform When you have the room to innovate and be artful, what you create gives pleasure to others. A UI/UX designer has the power to deliver products to make lives better for the masses.

After completing a UI UX Design Training in Pune with us, you will be able to expedite your career trajectory to capitalize on the growing industry trends towards digitalization and enhanced user experiences for products and services.